January 8, 2010

La Mer - the hand treatment - hands down, the best hand cream ever!

There is something about the name La Mer that for me, conjures up images of glamour and style.  I love celebrities, celebrities love La Mer so it stands to reason that I will love La Mer too!  With amazing reasoning like that it is astounding that I wasn't a better math student!  I thought the perfect way to start off my La Mer education was with a product I obsess about endlessly in the winter - hand cream!

When I first read on the back of the tube that the hand treatment is so lastingly hydrating, morning and evening application may be all that is necessary, I thought the La Mer people must be on crack.  Do they not know about Canadian winters or my 20X a day hand cream habit?!  I was sure there was no way this was possible and that the "may" part was the out clause for when the twice a day deal didn't work - which just goes to show what I know - Nothing!

I approached this very scientifically, 2 weeks - only apply it twice a day but take normal winter precautions such as wearing gloves.  The results?  Impressive!  I was expecting my hands to be drier by the end or at best, the same.  Nuh uh - they were not just better, but so much better!  Soft, supple, smooth...I'm trying to think of more "s" adjectives here, how about succulent, that works!  The lotion itself is not at all greasy, it takes about a minute to soak in and then it's gone leaving just a nice smooth feeling behind.  It has the La Mer scent which is light and pleasant - it's really just all around awesomeness in a tube!

Of course awesomeness doesn't come cheap!  La Mer hand treatment 3.4oz is $100.  I agree, $100 hand cream isn't for everyone.  University students existing on ramen noodles and ketchup soup should definitely not attempt this (but I highly recommend it for when you graduate and have your kickass, high paying job). Octomoms with 8 mouths to feed and no reality TV show on the horizon should also stay away.  But anyone else with a passion for hand cream and a bit of money burning a hole in their pocket should certainly give this a try.  I also think this would make a fabulous gift from a (generous) friend for a birthday or wedding shower!

Needless to say, I am kicking my hemp protector to the curb, La Mer hand treatment is my new go to guy!

La Mer is available at select Holt Renfrew stores in Canada.

- Lisamarie -

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