January 14, 2010

H&M's Black Book Project Will Make You Famous!

 Picture: Black Book

Ooooh. When I came across the H&M Black Book Project, a collaboration between the Swedish designer André Lorenz (who is the 18 year-old behind the Black Book label) and H & M, I got really excited. But you know me, it wasn't about feeling warm and fuzzy inside. I had an evil idea.

You see, if you send your picture to Black Book, André may (or may not) choose your picture to be used on his t-shirt designs. The selected designs will then be sold in H&M stores.  You know what that means? That means thousands of T-shirts sold all over the world with your mug on it! How cool is that?

Last year I snooped around Lisamarie's Facebook pictures and I picked the best 1985 picture of her, with bleached teased hair and interesting (ahem!) fashion...and I made her a t-shirt as a X-mas present. MWAHAHA. I'm still laughing at my wicked ways. But I'm not done. This year, I'm sending that same magnificent Lisamarie's picture to Black Book. Hopefully, they will print thousands millions of this t-shirt.

I'm sure all of you guys will buy it! I know I will...So what crazy pictures will you send?


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