April 15, 2010

Better living through chemistry! L'Occitane, Vichy and Quo

There seems to be a new craze in the beauty industry - do it yourself beauty!  Are companies getting lazy or do they think that the consumers will be more comfortable putting stuff on their skin when they are the ones that made it? - You be the judge!

L'Occitane - Ma Crème Nature - Olive - 50ml - $46 - Certified organic, it's a creme you prepare yourself and keep in the fridge.  It's easy to make, you just pour the sachet rich in plant oils into the glass jar, add spring water to concentrated preparation of olive tree extracts and add to glass jar, mix well and attach label to jar and cool in the fridge.  The creme contains organic olive tree extracts and brings your skin nothing but the essential ingredients it needs to stay lastingly moisturized, and glowing with health. It allows skin to recuperate from daily over-stimulation, leaving it revived and more receptive to your regular routine with a soft and gentle touch. Can be used daily on face and body. 

In an effort to limit the waste of cosmetic packaging, an eco-refill for Ma Crème Nature has been developed. The refill contains the quick and easy-to-prepare formula, with organic olive tree extracts as well as a new label.
Vichy - Aqualia AntiOx - Deoxidizing Fresh Cure - 50ml - $42 - It's a highly concentrated 3 week cure with no preservatives that you mix together and then keep in the fridge.  This kit contains a powder sachet of pure vitamin C - 10% and a bottle of pure Citurs Polyphenol serum - with 21 days you will see younger looking skin and radiant tone.  Along with immediate smoothing and a natural looking glow, fine lines appear diminished.  Apply morning or night before your daily skincare product.

Quo - Lipstick Palette Kit - $18 - just when you think your lipstick is gone, there is in fact about 1/3 of it still left inside the bottom of the tube.  Don't waste your favourite lipsticks or your money, simply remove the remaining product with the mini spatula, place it in the lipstick melting cup, microwave and pour into the desired well of the palette.  Get creative and mix lipsticks to create new shades.  The palette portion of the kit was eight lipstick wells, a lip brush and a mirror and is small enough to fit in your purse, which makes it portable and convenient!  I am totally loving this - I have been melting down GWP lipsticks into pill organizers for years and giving them away as gifts - this is so much classier!

So what do you all think - are these kits bringing out your inner chemist?  

- Lisamarie -

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