April 9, 2010

A younger looking face doesn't need to look frozen and Relastin wants you to prove it!

Here's a fun contest - Relastin launched its “Express Yourself” online campaign Wednesday, a nationwide program encouraging Facebook users to show off how they have diminished wrinkles, while keeping their facial expressions. Relastin launched the campaign to spread the message that your anti-aging facial products and treatments do not have to leave you “expressionless.” Using Relastin’s breakthrough line of anti-wrinkle products, you can still laugh, smile, frown, or pucker-up without worrying about wrinkles and fine lines. Their patent-pending Zinc Firming Complex helps skin bounce back. 

The science behind the product is elastin, the protein that provides the skin with elasticity and is naturally created by the body in our youth.  When we enter our teens, our bodies virtually cease producing these fibers and existing elastin begins to break down and weaken. As a result, skin loses resiliency, and slowly begins to sag and wrinkle. Loss of elasticity in the skin is what causes those pesky expression lines to stay there long after you show your emotions.

To participate in the “Express Yourself” campaign and contest, visit www.facebook.com/Relastin, become a fan and upload an appropriate photo of your best laugh, smile, frown or pucker up face to the “Express Yourself” Facebook fan page. During the month of May, Relastin will select one participant with the best “Relastin Expression” to receive a Relastin Trio. The Trio is valued at $238 and includes a complete set of Relastin’s elastin-boosting products - Eye Silk, Skin Revitalizer and Ultra Emollient.  - I don't know if you stand a chance against Christelle though, you can see the picture on the left of her that I entered will be hard to top!

- Lisamarie -


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