April 17, 2010

It's wardrobe changeover time with a little help from Madame Paulette!

With all the beautiful weather lately, it really is time to start switching over your wardrobes as we prepare for Spring!  John Mahdessian of Madame Paulette offers these tips for a smooth transition next Fall.  The high-end couture cleaner even offers a Closet Concierge service where they will clean and digitally catalog each piece, while storing it in their climate-controlled vaults in New York (how awesome is that?!).  If this isn’t an option for you, try these tips at home. 
1. Now is the time to evaluate your wardrobe for items that you no longer wear, look at each piece and think about the last time you wore it.  If it no longer fits on you or in your wardrobe – donate it!  There are several organizations out there that would welcome your pieces, like Goodwill.
2. Make sure that each piece is clean thoroughly before packing. Particles left on items can stain and set into your clothes after several months of storage. Cleaning the clothes also means that insects will be less likely to take up residence in your sweaters.  Pay attention to care labels and launder or dry clean the pieces before stashing them away.  Any stains should be removed, either professionally or with a Madame Paulette Stain Removal Kit.
2.Place folded items in large plastic containers with airtight lids that can easily be stacked and stored under beds, in closets or in storage.  Bed, Bath and Beyond or the Container Store have bins in all shapes and sizes.   If you don't have adequate room to store these containers, you might want to consider a professional facility.
3.While no pest-deterrent is guaranteed, try cedar, lavender or rosemary in the containers with the clothing.  Moth balls tend to be too harsh for many of your clothing items and have a less than pretty smell when you open up the containers come fall.
4.While you should hang suits and costs, never hang sweaters or other knit items that can become misshapen by long term hanging. If your items can’t be hung, stack them in garment bags away from water and carpeting. Stack your folded items from the lightest items on top to the heaviest items on bottom. Stacking items loosely will allow air to still circulate.
5.Remember Clean, Cool, Dark, and Dry.  Your storage area must be all four of these in order to protect your clothing.  Clean any area thoroughly before storing.  Choose a place that is not likely to be exposed to heat.  A dark place will prevent fading and keep the area and clothing cool.  Make sure the storage area is dry because wetness will attract mildew and insects. 

Up to now, by experience with stain removal has consisted of a Tide-to-Go stick and a (often unanswered) prayer.  Who knew that was actually a science to stain removal?!   Madame Paulette did!  Unlike conventional stain removers, Madame Paulette has taken into account the two most important factors for safe and effective stain removal.
Time: The most important! The sooner the stain can be treated properly, the safer and easier it is to remove.
Stain Identification: Every stain has a different composition. Before anything is applied, it is important to properly identify the stain.
There are three primary stain groups and each one requires a special formula:
  • Special Formula 1 - Earth Based Stains: Fruit juices, teas, colas, liquors, etc.
  • Special Formula 2 - Protein Based Stains: From the body and dairy products, such as blood, perspiration, milk, eggs, etc.
  • Special Formula 3 - Oil Based Stains: From vegetable, mineral, or petroleum oils, such as baby oil, animal fat, salad dressing, mayonnaise, motor oil, grease, etc.
Each formula is conveniently packaged, easy to use and guarantees excellent results. Here is what you’ll find in each foil-sealed packet.
A waffle-pattern absorbent cloth is saturated in the same special formulas that Madame Paulette uses daily in removing stains from the world’s most exclusive couture apparel. Each formula is biodegradable and rinses out with water.
A distilled water rinse, that follows the application of each special formula, flushes out any remaining stain particles. Distilled water, unlike tap water, permits the fabric to dry without a ring. Minerals and iron in tap water typically leave an unsightly yellow ring.
A fourth packet is being added to the kit containing three individual super absorbent cloths. Using this cloth under the stained area will help transfer stain matter through the fabric into the absorbent cloth. This will make the stain removal process even more effective.

The kits are on the website here at $12.50 each and there is a discount for buying multiple kits.

- Lisamarie -

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  1. Very helpful tips! I was actually about to transition my wardrobe today, how cool! Thanks for this and thanks for visiting my blog!


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