April 2, 2010

Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2010 Eye Event

The eyes have it this spring at Yves Saint Laurent and it is total love at first sight for me!  If you are like me there are some brands that you love not only for their wonderful products, but also for their amazing packaging and as usual, YSL does not disappoint me!  For their spring eye event, YSL introduces 12 eyeshadows, 12 eyeliners and a new mascara.

Ombre Solo - Lasting-Radiance - Smoothing Eye Shadow - $32 - 12 intense, radiant colours in 3 major colour statements to create a multitude of combinations and styles:  smoky sexy - lush, vaporous shades for extreme sophistication, fleshy naturals - from nude to pink lingerie for intimate skin-toned make-up and technicolour fantasies - for women who like to play up colour passionately.

The shadows are meant to have the sensorial texture of a precious fabric.  They contain spherical silicone powders that provide a silky feel, exceptional glide-on application and a smoothing effect; lamellar powders with optical properties that diffuse light in all directions; synthesized mica that creates extremely luminous colour, unlike natural micas that are opaque, it ensures transparency and purity; an adhesive binder that helps give the colour extremely long lasting quality and fidelity on the skin; and an amino acid derivative, used as a coating to ensure comfort and hold.  Helps the colour stay true without running or fading and to keep its freshly applied look.

And of course the gold compact is adorable, substantially weighted with two brushes that snap into the lid -  foam tipped applicator as well as a brush.

And I will attest to everything that has been claimed, the shadows feel like silk on your skin, the pigmentation is amazing and they blend like a dream!

Dessin Du Regard - Long-Lasting Eye Pencil - $28 - sheathed in sleek lacquer with a applicator-blender,  it is a versatile tool that lends itself to multiple uses - kohl, eyeliner or eye shadow and produces a variety of liner effects from a perfect precise line to a smudged, smoky look.  They come in a "wardrobe" of 12 luminous shades - 6 solft colours to illuminate the eyes and 6 intense hues to shade them.  From timeless black to trendy purple.

The pencils contain a pigment saturated formula for intense colour that stays true for hours and hours and a glide-on texture for comfort and ultra-long hold.  They are manufactured with a new "High Temperature Technology", where the colour cores are extruded under high heat.  This ensures the incorporation of an exceptionally large percentage of pigments and also gives the pencils excellent stability.  Also added is adhesive waxe to seal in the colour for impeccable hold so it will stay put and never run as well as jojoba oil to add comfort and creaminess.

I'll tell you one thing, these pencils sharpen better than any other pencil I have ever sharpened, I got a perfect tip without losing too much of the pencil.  And it's not just the sharpener they give you because I tried the sharpener with one of my problem pencils with the usual crappy results.  As far as staying power, it was excellent, it didn't stay on my waterline but I didn't expect it to.  I made it through a whole day, including a trip to the gym and my liner was still intact at the end of the day.  I do recommend using a waterproof eye makeup remover to get it off easily!

Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils - Noir Radical - $36 - the two-toned gold tube is so elegant that you just know that whatever is inside must be good.  I haven't actually tried it but it is definitely on my "lust" list!

To give the coveted false eyelash effect, it contains a Triple Film Complex for a triple performance:  breathtaking volume, gorgeous curl and extra long hold which consists of:  a coating film - thickens each lash to create spectacular volume, a conditioning film - sheathes the lashes without clumping to maximize the curling effect of the brush and a stabilizing film - forms an invisible, vinyl polymer shield that maintains the colour without stiffening the lashes, and boost its lasting qualities.  It also contains a complex of bio-active sugars of plant origin combines with pro-vitamin B5 which forms a moisture-preserving barrier on the lashes to more effectively protect them.

This is how they recommend it be applied - Place the brush against the lash line and draw upwards in a zigzag stroke to thoroughly coat each lash.  And don't forget to brush lightly on the lower lashes!  Then apply light pressure on the upper lashes with a finger or the brush to enhance the curling effect.

Available at Holt Renfrew, selected Bay and Murale stores.

- Lisamarie -

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  1. I had no idea that they did makeup too. I have just recently discovered my love of this designers shoes!!!



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