April 7, 2010

Tarina Tarantino invades Sephora and my wallet!

There are certain things I need like a hole in the head - another adorable cosmetics line to love and covet is one of them but dammit, that Tarina Tarantino has gone and done it - not only has she developed a beautiful line but it has also been made entirely accessible to me, so I can just buy and buy and buy - she's an evil genius I tell you!  You would think that I have so much makeup already that when I new line comes along I just open one eye, yawn, roll over and go back to sleep.  That may sometimes be true but Tarina knows what I like - adorable packaging, great pigmentation and beautiful vibrant colours!  Get out of my head Tarina Tarantino!  So of course I have been forced to spend many lunch hours at the local Sephora playing with the new line - the sacrifices I make for you people!  Here's what I love:

Eye Dream Hypershadow - $25 - the case is adorable, the pigmentation is excellent and the texture is velvety smooth, these shadows are among the best new ones I have tried lately!  There are 24 colours to choose from and my favourites are Peacock Pearl - bright turquoise shimmer (shown), Beaded - dark maroon shimmer and Rivet - rich plum shimmer - can you tell I like their shimmer?!

Dollskin Powder - $42 - there's nothing I like better in my purse then a cutesy powder compact and this fits the bill nicely.  It comes in 8 colours including a translucent and a green toned correcting one.

Sparklicity Shimmer Dust - $51 - If you know of a cuter way to add glitter to your hair and body, let me know!  No base or binder, just glitter!

Eye Dream Hyperliner - $22 - it's waterproof, goes on smoothly and comes in 6 different shades of blue and/or green which is my biggest eyeliner weakness!  There are also 7 other shades for those of you not as excited by my blue/green world!

And if all this in-store wonderfulness wasn't enough, I discovered that on the Sephora site, they also have 5 limited edition fashion lines that each include an eyeshadow - $25, a lipgloss - $25 - and a lipgloss ring - which aren't available on the site yet, but said to be coming soon!  You can view them all here.

So what do you think - will you be making a Sephora pilgrimage soon to check out Tarina Tarantino?

- Lisamarie -

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