April 5, 2010

Jacob wants you to think pink for spring!

As far as I'm concerned, it's always time to be thinking pink so I am happy to go along with Jacob's declaration and knowing how much it will horrify Christelle makes it that much better!

Ruffle dress - $89 - I love the print on this one and that the ruffles seem to start below hip level which is much more flattering to us hippy people!

Draped Tunic - $69 - I love this top and I'm going to have to try it on but I suspect it will look better on someone with tiny boobs and a tiny waist!

JOSEF Ruffle Cardigan - $125 - I think this one looks fun although I'm going to need to see it in person but I really like the look of the asymmetrical ruffle.

If you don't like your pink to close to your face how about a pink A-Line Skirt - $49

It's pink, it's ruffled, it's Christelle's nightmare come to life! Ruffle Blouse - $48

Two trends for the price of one! Pink Ombré Scarf - $25

What do you think of pink?  Will it have a prominent place in your spring wardrobe?

- Lisamarie -


  1. i love the draped tunic! it's such a lovely pink,


  2. I know, pretty right? But imagine trying to get a bra on under that sucker!

    Best, Lisamarie


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