April 27, 2010

Eliza Kozurno has an Imperfect Dream that interprets as amazing jewellery!

Toronto based jewellery designer Eliza Kozurno recently launched her fall/winter 2010 collection - Imperfect Dream and it seems anything but imperfect to me!  If you like statement pieces with a cool, funky vibe then you need to add something of Eliza's to your collection.  I'm happy to see that big necklaces are sticking around for fall/winter - so much easier then wearing a scarf!  You can go here to find out where to pick up your very own little piece of jewellery heaven!

Leather Bird Necklace with crochet, chain, wood, black jet and vintage acrylic - $179 - I love this piece and I've noticed that birds seem to be very big right now!
Leather Fringed Necklace with crochet, wood, black jet, glass and crystal - $379
Knitted and Braided Necklace with handmade clay beads, glass, hematite, crystal and smoky quartz - $319
Crocheted Bracelet with sequined chiffon, glass and crystal - $219
Silver Chain Earrings with glass beads - $59
Leather Fringe Necklace with crochet and vintage acrylic flowers - $259

- Lisamarie -


  1. I really like this bracelet :) but woah expensive :P

  2. The workmanship in the pieces explains the price, as is very clear when you see them up close. Eliza also sells pieces from past seasons at very good prices - I picked up two very cool necklaces this past weekend at something like $60 each. I've seen comparable pieces for four times that at major retailers. Anna O'Byrne


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