April 27, 2010

Smell and sting free haircolour? Fantasy becomes reality with INOA!

A couple of months ago I told you here about an event that I went to held by L'Oréal Professionnel to introduce their innovative new hair colouring product - INOA. Now it's all well and good to watch a slick presentation and admire the colour on a bunch of models but as someone smart once said - the proof is in the pudding!  Not that I wanted pudding on my head but I sure was up for trying some INOA hair colour so off I went on Saturday to Taz Hair Co. in Yorkville to have the full INOA experience.  Taz is located in a funky lower level shop on Yorkville Avenue and looks exactly like you would expect a salon in this super trendy part of town to look but at the same time I found it very warm and friendly.

I was sitting in the waiting area when I saw a girl with bright red hair show up.  Her arms were covered in tatoos, her shirt kept slipping off her shoulder and she was wearing a skirt so short, I was praying she wouldn't drop anything.  Of course, this turned out to be my colourist - Susan!  Now really,  is this what you expect a Susan to look like?  Susan's are mousy haired, wallflower accountants (no offense meant to any other Susans out there)!  They are not tattoo sporting, Bret Micheals loving, award winning colourists,  - but there you go - all my preconceived Susan notions have gone out the window!  On with the colour!

Here's a before so you can get an idea of what she started with - a dark auburn.  We decided to go light for spring.  I would have liked a strawberry blonde but INOA doesn't have a full range of reds yet so we decided on a light copper with a few highlights thrown in to lighten things up.  I had the best time with Susan while she coloured my hair and I'm pretty sure she is certifiable.  She warned me if Bret Michaels came up on the playlist that she would have to stop and slow dance - it never did happen so I didn't find out if it was me she would have been dancing with...  I would also be remiss if I didn't mention that Taz has some great eye candy... just sayin'...

And here's the after - beautiful no?!  Lighter, brighter and much more springlike!  Now let me tell you, the INOA really is better than any other dye I've used or had used on me.  There was NO smell and no scalp burning to it whatsoever.  Even the semi-permanent colour I usually use at home smells terrible and stings a bit! INOA is like having conditioner on your head - if it wasn't for the colour (mine was purple) you would never know you were colouring your hair!  So if you've been avoiding hair colour because you hate the smell/pain you are going to love this stuff!

Even better, the INOA shampoo they wash the colour out with smells amazing!  All fresh and fruity, I'm going to have to find out if this stuff is sold separately!  After the blowdry I could not get over how shiny and soft my hair was - this is so not your usual damaging hair dye!

Do I love it?  Yes!  Would I do it again?  Absolutely!  Do you need some INOA hair love of your own?  Why are you still asking me crazy questions?! - get yourself to Taz immediately!  

Colourist prices are $50-$70 and up.

Stylist prices are $50-$100 and up.

They also have a full array of esthetic services from Esthetics by Eva including facials - from $50, manicures - from $24, pedicures - from $45 as well as waxing and tinting.

You can find Taz at 11 Yorkville Avenue - 416-922-6060  If you aren't lucky enough to have Taz near you, INOA is available at all L'Oréal salons, you can go here to find yours.

- Lisamarie -

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