April 14, 2010

Mark's innovates to make our lives easier!

Mark's (formerly Marks Work Wearhouse) held an event last night to introduce their rebranding, their new direction as well as their new innovations last night in downtown Toronto.  I will admit that I went with low expectations (due to the whole former Work Wearhouse thing).  I have been in their stores a few times in the past as my husband is devoted to their socks but I have never bought anything there myself nor would I have ever considered it a viable shopping destination for a fashionable female.  I'm here to tell you that things have really changed as has my opinion!

During the course of the evening, we were introduced to the different innovations that Mark's has incorporated into their clothing lines:

Curve-Tech - offers bust enhancer, tummy control, butt lifter, total control or memory fit - depending on the garment it is in.  It's specifically designed to improve the overall fit and look of women's clothing.  Curvetech's shape management system is a series of firm mesh panels engineered into the garment, which are used to enhance, re-shape, lift and control the figure.  The picture above is of their Dobby Dress Pants which I like and think are very stylish. The other thing I was impressed with was their bra tanks which I thought were very clever and will get rid of that very stupid "bra strap showing under your tank top" look.  The built in bra has an adjustable back strap to make it feel much more comfortable and to give you a better fit.

The other thing that I really liked was the Denver Hayes Soft - which is super soft cotton pieces that are dryer safe.  They have stretch fibres that provide great shape retention - which is especially wonderful for jeans, I am sick of mine getting all baggy after a couple of wearings!

Mark's also has a dress shirt for men and women that you never have to iron - it comes straight out of the dryer looking crisp and ready to wear as well as their Quad Comfort footwear which I discovered awhile ago in a cute pair of wedges and told you about here - what I didn't know and was pleased to see is that they have this same technology in flip-flops which I try to limit my wearing of because I know how bad they are for my feet.  I'm going to be having a guilt free flip flop season this year!

If you haven't been to a Mark's lately because you thought all they sold were work boots and old people clothing it's time to have a look!

- Lisamarie -

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