April 15, 2010

Dior Addict New Look - Summer 2010

The precious "Addicted to Dior" collector's item is, as always, my favourite part of the collection - I'm thinking of them all as my retirement fund - look for these to come up on Ebay 25 years from now - I'm sure I'll make a killing!

The white gold coloured case is set off with a multitude of sparkles and is engraved with the famous Dior logo and address of the Courture House in Paris.  It has a clip so it can be attached to your purse and contains two complementary glosses which can be worn alone or combined to create different looks.

002 Addicted to Pink - $65 - fuchsia pink and bronze - not available at Sephora.

5-Couleurs palette - $58 - 649 Ready-to-Glow - brown delicately matched with pink, apricot, grey and taupe tones.

5 Couleurs palette - $58 - 659 Crush Glow - coral escorted by gold, pink, taupe and bronze.

1 Couleur - $32 - 16 Golden Spotlight - a pure sparkling gold to illuminate the eyes and light up tanned skin with a fiery glow.

Diorskin Nude Glow - $42 - a discreetly iridescent apricot highlighter to give skin a translucent healthy glow.  Can be worn as a base or mixed with your foundation to lighten and illuminate as well as on it's own for immediate radiance.  Its universal shade flatters all skin tones, whether pale or boldly tanned.

Dior Addict Crystal Gloss - $31 - Sephora only - Limited Edition with a tangy pink "jelly" texture.  It reacts on contact with your lips to reveal a unique, tailor-made shade.

Also included in the collection are several of the new Dior Addict Ultra-Glosses that I told you about here.

216 Beige Dentelle / Lace Beige
247 Rose Coquette / Pink Flirt
256 Rose Deshabillé / Negligee Pink

436 Capeline Abricot / Apricot Cloche
556 Corail Fantaisie / Coral Fantasy
576 Rose Sari / Sari Pink

662 Grenadine Extravagant / Extravagant Grenadine
686 Fuschia Indécent / Outrageous Fuchsia

On the counter any day now if it's not there already!  What items are on your wish list?

- Lisamarie -

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