October 27, 2009

Sexiness for Everyone - Liaison Dangereuse Lingerie Really Thinks so.

Watch their online commercial: Miriam Wimmer im Dessous Video von liaison-dangereuse.com

A bit of controversy has never hurt anyone, right? How about a bit of religious controversy? Now, that's a bit more risky. I came across this cute commercial for Liaison Dangereuse, a german lingerie online store, while reading a fashion blog and liked it.

Some people may be offended, well too bad for them. Arab women actually love splurging on lingerie. The Burqa debate is a different debate altogether. I don't want to start writing about the Burqa here because I'd never stop and you'd fall asleep or worse, you'd kill me.


Note: the Youtube video has been removed, just click on the Liaison Dangereuse link to view the original or here.

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