October 6, 2009

What's old is new again, at least to me!

The problem (and I use the word "problem" very loosely) with owning so much makeup is that I have waaaaaay more then I could ever wear.  Really, I would need 10 faces and a lifespan of 200 years to even begin to get through the lot.  This should prevent me from buying more - but as I tell my husband when he is silly enough to point this fact out - I could have much worse vices, like say smoking crack or stamp collecting.  The upside to this is that I can shop my vanity like it's my own private Sephora and I always find something that I either bought but haven't tried yet or that I totally forgot I even owned!

I bought this Barbie loves Stila set from Sephora ages ago and I will freely admit I bought it for the can.  So I took the stuff out of the can so I could put the can on display, threw the makeup in a drawer and promptly forgot about it.  Until yesterday when I actually used something up (MAC pro lash in twisted tulip) and needed a new mascara, I dug out the one that came in this set.  Stila - Multi-Effect Mascara - and I have to say, it's awesome!  Although as this point I might have to concede that my RapidLash is working and is part of the reason my lashes are so damned long with this mascara!  It goes on nicely without clumping, doesn't flake and the curved brush gives them a nice little curl.  I'm thoroughly impressed!

My other find from many months ago is Clinique - Uplighting in neutral bronze.  Now I'm a pale girl and don't do bronzing of any kind as it tends to just make me look dirty.  I have embraced my pale skin and am fine with it.  I had a deluxe sample of this from a Holt Renfrew GWP (they really have the best ones!)  As I was playing around with it, I realized that it really wasn't that bronzey and was more glowy and makes a kick-ass highlighter for under the eyes to hide dark circles and make you look more awake and perky.  All it takes is a tiny dab under each eye and blended towards the inner and outer corners.  My tiny sample tube has lasted me months now and shows no sign of letting up.  Which is almost a shame as I have a Smashbox - Photo Op Under Eye Brightener waiting in the wings for when the Clinique is done.  So really, if you bought the full sized Uplighting and just used it under the eyes, it would last into your 80's...

- Lisamarie -

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