October 21, 2009

Agent Provocateur Needs New PR Gimmicks - FAST

This is NOT a joke. You're not on some X-rated acid trip. It's real. You're seeing penises everywhere, because... they are everywhere! 
Ladies, brace yourself for the new "Sharon" sweater by Agent Provocateur. Apparently, "fashionable and sexy" = penises for this UK brand. 

I can imagine the designer's genius at work here: 
"Let's do something that has never been done before! What's on my mind? Think, think, Rudolph hum....how about.... a cardigan, made with the softest cotton and silk cashmere mix?... It's sexy, you want to touch it and stroke it..." 
Blank faces in the meeting room. And then our designer passes a major brain fart :
"What else do I want to stroke, right now?...How about giant male genitals?!"
"But it's has already been done, Rudolph."
"Not for $500! At that price, it's provocateur, darling! Completely Provocateur. Let's do this! A beautiful, classic cardigan with penises all over. It's very festive, and that's what women want, right?".

Nobody told our poor AP designer: this sweater is not just tasteless and ugly, it's also outrageously expensive. He must have missed the Recession memo. I have emailed Agent Provocateur to see if they could tell us how many Sharon sweaters have been sold. I will keep you updated.

I really fail to see the purpose of this sweater, you're not going to pull Mr. Right in this outfit and if you're not after Mr. Right, you don't need to spend $500 on this "design" to get laid.


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