October 31, 2009

Buy Lindsay Lohan's leggings...if you like 80's hookers' style!

You may know by now how I feel about celebrity fashion lines: mostly mediocre and designed by an army of designers while the clueless celebrity takes credit for it. However, I can believe this collection was really designed by Lindsay Lohan. It looks cheap and tacky and  I have to admit she does have some credibility in that department. Those leggings remind me of the 80's, in a bad way. All she's missing now is the bad 80's perm...

I hope she added Velcro to these leggings. What? Don't look at me like that! It makes it easier to take off when you strip. Everybody knows that.

Perfect when you're standing on the street corner, waiting for that elusive customer.

Not as bad as the other leggings.

Hmm, no. What's so special about black leggings and a belt, anyway?

A girl gotta work to pay her bills, right? Oh, I can't wait for her next Ungaro collection!


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  1. Some leggings can be less than great, but there's plenty of gorgeous ones out there. Great post ;)


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