October 20, 2009

The Truth About Fur

A few days ago, I recommended to check Ophelie Hats' website and a reader noticed that Ophelie Hats designs fur accessories as well. At first, I believed it would be rabbit fur which is fairly common in Canada. Let's be honest here: I eat meat, I wear leather, so to me rabbit fur is totally fine (I also eat rabbit, although it's definitely not my favorite meat). Having relatives in Africa also means that I grew up receiving presents like handbags made with crocodile skin or bedspread made with Antelope fur. But guess what? Africans would never kill animals just for sport or fashion. Animals are killed for food and every last bit, including fur or skin, is used, so nothing goes to waste. However, as a whole, I do not support the fur trade, because to me, killing animals just for fashion is a waste of resources. I also question some of the methods used to skin those animals, just like I question some of the methods used in the food industry. On a side note, I admire the fact that people are concerned with animal welfare, I just wish that they would also care about the diamond trade in Africa and how it impacts millions of lives: just buy Canadian diamonds!

Anyway, I have contacted Ophelie Hats to check the type of fur used for their accessories and they do use mink, fox and rabbit to a lesser degree. Do whatever you want with this information but I can't help wondering why a young designer would take the chance to alienate so many people by using fur...


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