October 28, 2009

Sexy boy massage bar? It must be LUSH holiday time!

Ah, LUSH!  You never cease to tickle my whimsy and your holiday offerings this year are no exception.  Like this sexy boy massage bar, I don't know if I would necessarily classify this particular boy as sexy - will he vacuum the house or take out the garbage?  That would be hot!  What?  He'll help me take a bath in peace and quiet and won't make me sit on the side against the tap?  You got me, that is sexy!  And at $7.95, cheaper than an escort!

 Snow Fairy Shower Gel - I must admit, I have been hearing about this stuff for years but every time I have gone to LUSH to try and smell it, it was sold out.  They only sell it at Christmas and apparently the snoozing and losing message applies here.  I finally got my nose on it this week and I would describe it for you here, but then I read the description on the website and will use that instead: "Sparkly, candy floss pink, sweet-as-sugar shower gel for fruity, fluffy fairies".  You can't make this stuff up...  But I will concur, it is super sweet, if you like being a fruity, fluffy fairy, you will love this.
Candy Cane Bubble Bar - Not sure why they call it "candy cane" as that name has me expecting mint.  This smell is more vanilla and is amazing!  If you have tried their other bubble bars then you know how great they are and if you haven't, what the heck are you waiting for?!  Make sure you have Santa leave one (or more) of these in your stocking this year!
I must admit, I don't buy a lot of LUSH, mostly for the reason that people love it, everything is made fresh and has EXPIRY dates!  When I picked up the Snow Fairy I noticed it expires December 2010 so I asked the girl, what happens after that date?  And she said that's 2010, not 2009.  Like I should be able to use a bottle of shower gel in a year - lady you have no idea who you are dealing with here!  If you only knew the vast quantity of shower gel in my closet... now I have the added pressure of one that expires, I have no idea how I deal...  But anyhow, I don't buy a lot for myself but it is a great place for gifts, so I do utilize it often for that.  Although I don't know how the salesgirls can work there - I go into olfactory overload within 15 minutes of being in the store which I'm sure would eventually turn into a full-on migraine if I stayed longer then that.  Don't get me wrong, I think the store smells great, but only in limited doses!

- Lisamarie -

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