October 20, 2009

Taking a trip to my happy place

I was thrilled a year ago when Bath & Body Works finally made their way to Canadian soil.  Up until then, I had to troll e-bay or bug my American friends for custom purchases.  Now a B&BW fix is as easy as the closest mall.  I cracked open a new body wash and lotion this week - Black Raspberry Vanilla and it smells yummmmm! Exactly how the name reads fruity and sweet, I highly recommend!  Anyhow this got me thinking that it had been awhile since I dropped by the store, and that every time I had been there it was so packed that I didn't get to take a good look.  Today at lunch it was much calmer so I was able to take some time and really browse.

What did I love?  Vanilla Bean Noel - back for the season and it smells delish!  Hand sanitizer in every scent you can think of (a glamourous way to combat swine flu), bath puffs in brilliant colours and travel sizes of everything - so convenient!  The wallflower plug in fragrance diffusers looked interesting, but too big to be very discreet...anyone have one and can give me your thoughts?  My Christmas list is getting longer by the day - hubby had better start shopping!

- Lisamarie -


  1. How come you don't LINK to places where I can buy the products? just curious - usually this type of beauty blog is all about pushing product and taking 1/5 of each sale... but you don't sell anything?

  2. LOL! Nope Rob, we don't sell a thing and aren't anybody's shill! That's why we feel free to give our honest opinion good and bad!
    Best, Lisamarie


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