December 29, 2009

Look like a vampire, even if sucking blood isn't your thing...

I knew someday my pale skin would be super fashionable!  The Canadian Press reports that thanks to Twilight the sale of bronzer is way down while vampire friendly cosmetics such as light foundation and pale powder are up!  MAC will be jumping on the bandwagon this spring with their Pale 'n Dandy collection as did Lise Watier who has released a porcelain foundation and illuminating powder.

Now trends are fun and everything but I have to say that lately I have seen more then a few girls wearing foundation that was waaaaay to light for them - it's just not flattering to look that sun deprived unless you have fangs. Remember the key to an attractive pale and ethereal look is to only go a shade or two lighter then your natural skin tone.

I knew there had to be a reason I'm always so cold and pale, I'm already undead!

- Lisamarie -

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