December 26, 2009

Rocky Mountain Soap Company - Summer Lemonade on a cold winter's day

Rocky Mountain Soap Company - Summer Lemonade body butter - 55g/2oz - $12.49 - I know it's a strange time of the year for me to be talking about summer anything but I think this is exactly when people start craving summer again and what's better then a nice cold glass of lemonade?  Granted this body butter isn't cold but the smell is spot on!  Now I'm used to body butter in a jar so a stick form was a new experience for me.  Have to say, I'm a fan! You just rub it on exactly as you would a stick deodorant and then smooth it in with your hands.  I found it worked better when I used it on slightly damp skin as opposed to fully dry. This will be perfect for my gym bag as there is no worry of the bottle leaking.
Rocky Mountain Soap Company - Summer Lemonade Refreshing Body Soap - $4.99 - Had to mention the companion soap because the smell is equally wonderful.  I found the smell lingered longer if I used both together rather than just one or the other. This is a hard soap, the good part is it doesn't melt as quickly as soft soaps, downside is that it feels hard when applied directly to my skin so I prefer to use it with a puff.

Rocky Mountain Soap products are available online here.  It's time to lie in the sun in your hammock with some summer lemonade.

- Lisamarie -

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