December 21, 2009

Paco Rabanne - 1 Million - great commercial, strange fragrance

I had to watch this commercial a bunch of times and then google it when I still couldn't figure out if the guy in it is Nate from Gossip Girl.  It's not, it's Canadian model Mat Gordon.  Love the commercial, great song (Do It Again by the Chemical Brothers) and great looking guy in a suit so I thought the fragrance might be a nice gift for the husband for Christmas and I went to check it out.  It would be a nice gift, if he were say a drug dealer, or a pimp....  The bottle is shaped like a giant gold bar - and it is gold, really really gold, this picture does not do it justice.  Then you have to do a weird slidey thing to spray it.  I don't even have a comment to make about the smell, I was just too taken aback by the packaging.  I realize that it is every young boy's fantasy to be a gangsta so I'm sorry to be so judgmental, I'm not trying to be a dream crusher here!  I decided that I'm too old for this crap so I bought him some Obsession instead.  At least I understand that bottle!

- Lisamarie -

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