December 11, 2009

Zoe Saldana Looks like 300 Million Bucks, Leaving Other Z-list Celebs with Outfits From The Dollar Store.

"Avatar", the new $300,000,000 CGI fest from James Cameron (I still can't forgive him Titanic), premiered in London yesterday and Zoe Saldana -who plays  the computer-generated blue alien Neytiri- looked like she had spent all that budget on her dress and frankly, it's a nice change from her previous slutty librarian look. This floor length dress is simply stunning: the exaggerated capped sleeves enhance her figure and the light silver grey color really suits her. I like love it. Now, don't you start thinking I've gone all soft, warm and fuzzy inside. I still have plenty to say about her red carpet buddy, err...what's her name? Some Pussycat Dolls band member whose name is not Nicole, who looked like a mess, in a dress that could only be described as caca in my mother tongue. Since Zoe spent all the production budget on her dress, our Z-list celeb Pussycat Doll had to spend the remaining $2.99 on a piece of fabric, a few tacky decorations from the Dollar store and a tube of glue. If she was going for a futuristic look, I don't want to live that long. Oh no. Not if the future looks like that!

Zoe Saldana

 A Pussycat Doll whose name is not Nicole

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