December 14, 2009

LUSH - helping you wrap up your gift giving

I like the idea of Christmas in theory.  Friends and family exchanging thoughtful gifts that were picked out for each other with love and care...but seriously how many times have you found yourself at the picked over 24 hour Walmart or worse yet the gas station (a la Friends) picking up a less then thoughtful present, frankly any old thing they have left,  for the person you inadvertently left off your list or for someone who got you something when you didn't even  realize you were exchanging gifts... I've done it, more then once actually.  Not this year!  I came up with a brilliant plan in case one of the above scenarios should arise.  I bought backup presents, which may seem thoughtless, considering I don't know who might actually be receiving them but when you see these gorgeous sets you will agree that just about anyone would be thrilled to receive it!  Best part, they are already wrapped (and way better then I could ever do it!)

Winter Wonderland - $99.95 - Contains:
Snow Showers 100g, Snow Fairy Shower Gel 100ml, Rub Rub Rub 100ml, Up You Gets 90g, Happy Hippy 100ml, Porridge 100g, Snowcake 100g, Helping Hands 45g, Sugar Scrub 100g, Vanilla Puff Powder 80g, Fairy Tale 100g, Double Fast Luck 85g, Strawberry Feels Forever 75g, Let Them Eat Cake 10g

Stardust - $49.95 - Contains: 
Snow Fairy Shower Gel 100ml, Candy Cane 100g, Star Melt 50g, Double Fast Luck 85g, Fairy Tale 100g, Angel's Delight Gift Star 30g, Snow Fairy Shower Gel 100ml

Jolly Holly Days - $49.95 - Contains:

These can all be found at your closest LUSH store and also online.
The hardest part will be giving them away if you have to!  My previous LUSH review here has some of the items you will find in the sets so check it out if you haven't already.  And the really best part of my plan - should I not have to give my backup gifts out, then it's Merry Christmas to Lisamarie!

- Lisamarie -

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  1. Then just buy more back up gifts then you need and it will be Merry Christmas Lisamarie all year


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