December 17, 2009

Create Your Own Dress with Your Magic Crayolas - How My Stupid Idea Became Reality

You may remember a few weeks ago I offered my fashion design services: I said I would design a totally awesome dress with my magic Crayolas for a mere million bucks. Guess what? Dutch designer Michiel Schuurman stole my idea! For real. So next time you're intoxicated (or taking whatever leafy substance that Dutchman was taking) and come up with the most extravagant idea, it could well be your next business venture, you know. I mean, don't you know women are so vapid and absent minded that what they really, really, really want is doodle and color their outfits with the 50 pens they carry in their purses. Makes sense to me.  Who needs games on their iPhone/Blackberry when you can carry this magnificent piece of old-fashioned entertainment with you.

I could live with the fun factor of this dress but frankly, spending 250 euros (USD365) on a glorified coloring book, disguised as an unsightly dress, would be pretty stupid.
For the same amount of money, a tailor can create a custom dress for you, based on your design specifications AND your measurements, but I will discuss this option in another post!

In the meantime, don't bother with this thing...If you're that bored, get yourself a few friends for entertainment or rent them here (this is where Lisamarie hired me).


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