December 29, 2009

All washed up with Rocky Mountain Soap, Green Beaver and Bath and Body Works

Rocky Mountain Soap Company - Alpine Air - Moisturizing Hand and Body Wash - 270ml - $13.49 - It smells like a little bit of citrus heaven due to the lemongrass.  Can be used as a body wash as well but I like this as a kitchen hand soap as it really cuts grease and the lemony scent hides the smell of my cooking.
Green Beaver Company - Cranberry foaming hand soap - 230ml -$8 - I loved the foaming action of this one, again I used it in the kitchen and it worked on greasy hands.  You will either love or hate the scent.  It smells like raw cranberries without the sugar.  I liked it, my husband didn't so you'll have to judge for yourself.
Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Gentle Foaming Soap - Country Apple - 259ml - $7 - This one comes in lots of different scents so there is sure to be one you like. There also always seems to be some kind of deal going on at B&BW so it's very affordable.  It is definitely very gentle as I didn't find it that effective as a kitchen grease cutting soap, so maybe better for the bathroom.
Washing up for dinner never smelled so good!  If only they made my cooking taste good as well!

- Lisamarie -

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