December 21, 2009

Nuxe and Rocky Mountain Deodorants: It's Not The Pits.

Ok, maybe I'm a little obsessed with sweat stains but I really wanted to introduce these 2 roll-ons I've just discovered. Usually, 24-hour anti-perspiration roll-ons (meaning they have to be applied daily, like regular deodorants) tend to be less efficient than products containing aluminum salts, and while No Sweat and Biotherm offer weekly treatments that still rock my sebaceous glands, I'm throwing away the harsh Drysol dab-on as the Nuxe Tonific deodorant and the Liquid Crystal Deodorant by Rocky Mountain are much, much, much better.

The Nuxe Tonific Deodorant ($18 for 50ml, only available at The Bay for our Canadian readers) has the most delicious fruity smell.  It smells like a spa in a bottle. This deodorant is so gentle, you can even apply it after shaving, it doesn't burn or irritate your skin, yet it slows down perspiration for the entire day. So this is cheaper than Drysol, it is as efficient, smells way better and most of all it does not leave any white marks on your skin or your a nutshell, it's good stuff!

Liquid Crystal Deodorant from Rocky Mountain ($7.99)
This 100% natural deodorant has a very light scent, and although it doesn't smell as nice as the Nuxe, it slows down perspiration just as well. Again, this deodorant doesn't leave any marks and is ideal for daily use. The price is pretty amazing too, all things considered.



  1. I want to try the Nuxe! I'm trying to steer away from harsher deodorants & find that more natural friendly not protect well. Although I know Nuxe is not totally natural it seems like a good alternative.

  2. Nuxe is definitely gentle enough for daily use. Rocky Mountain is 100% natural and pretty cheap, but is only available online or in Alberta/BC.

    Now if you want something long term (especially for those long flights) and still gentle the Biotherm anti-perspiration cream (not the roll-on) is great and only needs to be applied once a week.


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  4. Thanks Pat, we are already fans!

    Best, Lisamarie


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