February 19, 2010

Aldo has proud feet at the Olympic Games!

During the 2010 Olympic Victory Ceremonies, the young women handing out the Olympic medals and escorting winning athletes will be wearing Aldo boots, specially requested and designed for the Olympics by Vancouver clothing brand Aritzia.  If I had known that boots were part of the deal, I would have applied for the job!

And if the Vancouver Olympics are all about showing the world our culture and history, I think footwear is a darned good way to show it off!

I know Christelle will complain that there's no heel but I love a tall flat boot!

These ones remind me of Mountie boots!
I'm sad to tell you that you won't be able to go out and get yourself a pair, these are dressing the Olympic people's feet only - but we can still look, and drool!

- Lisamarie -


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  2. Hi Lisamarie, it's funny you should say that the boots look the Mountie boots. We actually have a couple of pictures of Mountie boots on our Flickr account so you can compare! :)


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