February 23, 2010

Shower your way to younger looking skin with Olay Total Effects Body Wash!

I spend a lot of time thinking about the signs of aging on my face and almost never about what the skin on my body is doing.  Aparantly it's aging and if I don't get this in check I'm going to have a young looking face and a wrinkley old body - this just won't do!  Enter Olay Total Effects Body Wash - 250ml, $8.99 or 450ml, $9.99 - with seven anti-aging skin benefits.  Starting with the first signs of aging dryness and loss of elasticity, the breakthrough formula helps fight the other five signs of body aging by:  deeply conditioning your skin, brightening dull skin, evening your skin tone, smoothing to reduce roughness on elbows and skin and minimizing the appearance of fine lines - sign me up for some of that!

It comes in two formulas:  Deep Penetrating Moisture which cleans and moisturizes and Exfoliate & Replenish which cleans and exfoliates.  The smell for both is fresh and not too strong, the texture is thick and creamy and it lathers nicely.  I wasn't sure I would like the Exfoliate & Replenish formula as exfoliating washes can sometimes be too gritty, but the exfoliating beads were smooth and not gritty at all, it almost didn't feel like it was exfoliating anything but my skin did feel smoother afterwards so I'm going to assume it was doing something!  

To see how moisturizing the wash really was I even skipped using a body lotion after my shower one day.  By midafternoon my legs were feeling a little dry so I think I could use this wash without lotion in the summer and it would be fine, but in the winter a body lotion is still in order.

If you are looking for a younger looking body and moisturizing body wash you should definitely give one or both of these Olay products a try!
- Lisamarie -

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