February 5, 2010

dermaglow Advanced Cellulite Therapy - joins the fight against my dimpled thighs!

Another month and another tube of cellulite cream has been laid to rest on my thighs.  This month I tried dermaglow Advanced Cellulite Therapy - 150ml - $90.  Dermaglow is a Canadian line that I like a lot.  I have talked about their sun protection for face here and I am also using their eye roller now (review to come soon) so seeing that I liked their products and my general obsession with cellulite cream this seemed like a logical one to try!

First off I like the packaging - I far prefer cellulite products to come in a tube rather then a can - I like being able to cut it open when it seems to be done and getting a couple more days of product off the sides of the tube.  The product itself is very thick and creamy and has a wonderful minty smell.  Winter was the perfect time for me to try this out - I found this so moisturizing that I didn't need to put additional body moisturizer on top and my body is quite dry so I think most people will also find this to be true.  The only downside was it took some time to dry - I couldn't put this on and then put on a pair of jeans - it took about 5 minutes of so for it to fully absorb to a point that I could get dressed so keep that in mind if your mornings are a big hurry!

Results wise, I was very happy.  Right away the areas I used it on felt softer and tighter.  Within 3 weeks they looked tighter, less rippled and bumpy.  It works much better if you remember to use it everyday, I noticed if I would miss a couple of days in a row that I would start to lose results so it obviously has a cumulative effect.

This was a great try and definitely worth a go if you are starting to think about your summer bikini body!

- Lisamarie -


  1. I've tried Dermaglow Advanced Cellulite Therapy and within 3-4 weeks I had lost inches of my thighs! I've tried other creams with little or no results..I definitely have to say that Dermaglow is the best product I've tried it smells good, goes on easy and it work very well. I bought it from Shoppers Drug Mart but they dont seem to sell it anymore...not sure why? Does anyone know who still sells this product? Thank-you PS I would prefer not to buy off the internet

    1. Here we go I, m starting today....wish me good results


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