February 18, 2010

Chanel Rouge COCO - pure elegance in a tube!


For me a Chanel lipstick is the epitome of elegance.  The case is iconic - someone pulls one of those babies out in a movie or on the subway and you know exactly what brand it is!  And although Chanel is a classic they also like to move with the times so this feminine must-have has been completely resigned by Peter Philips, Global Creative Director of Chanel Makeup.  Rouge COCO comes in 35 beautiful shades including some of the classics - as well, Peter wanted to experiment with very subtle variations, half-tones of pink red and brown.  He desires that women from the gloss generation return to the unparalleled elegance of lipstick.

You can't say the people at Chanel aren't sticklers for detail.  The slightly remodeled case has been changed to metal for that nice cool feeling (although this might not be the best thing to carry in your purse during an Alaskan winter), they worked for hours to get the "click" sound when you close it just right and now there is even a hidden interlaced double C on the inside of the cap.

The change that has me super happy is the scent - the in-house olfactory laboratory developed a slightly reinterpreted fragrance for Rouge COCO - a bouquet of fresh roses enhanced with a fruity raspberry accord over a powdery, iridescent base with a subtle hint of vanilla.  I love it, it's beautiful yet delicate.

As for the lipstick itself - it's texture is super creamy, the pigmentation is rich and I find it extremely moisturizing and I only had to touch it up once very slightly after I ate lunch so the staying power is excellent!  I have been more of a gloss girl for the past few years but Rouge COCO is going to have me reaching for lipstick much more often!  Here are the colours:

Mademoiselle - intense coppery rosewood
Lune Rousse - coppery darkened brown
Rouge Noir - intense darkened plum
Téhéran - radiant and luminous pink apricot
Perlé - fresh and luminous rosy beige
Secret - coppery beige
Cashmere - warm amber beige
Egérie - coppery apricot
La Pausa - deep coppery peach
Organdi Rose - pink organdie
Camélia - fresh and luminous rosewood
Légende - delicate coppery pink
Muse - delicate coppery and luminous pink
Ruban Rose - delicate peachy pink
Taffetas Rose - intense, fresh and luminous pink
Orchidée - intense coppery pink
Gabrielle - coppery red
Rose Comete - very luminous delicate plum pink
Rivoli - deep red with plum accents
Paris - fresh and radiant red
Rouge Orage - intense darkened pink
Bel Respiro - delicate coral red
Vendome - coppery brown
Venise - brown with rosewood accents
Byzantin - fresh and luminous plum
Ballet Russe - intense coppery plum
Baroque - intense coppery brown
Cambon - intense, fresh and radiant pink
Sycomore - very luminous coppery brown
Bois des Iles - intense and luminous golden copper

Available March 1st at The Bay and March 15th at all Chanel Beauty counters.  Price is $38.

What do you think gloss girls - will you give Rouge COCO a go? 

- Lisamarie -

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