February 5, 2010

Dove launches their new men's line Men+Care!

Being the crazy party goers that we are, Christelle and I made our way to the Hockey Hall of Fame Wednesday night to attend the launch of Dove's new men's line - Men+Care.  Dove's campaign for this line is similar to their extremely successful "Real Beauty" campaign for women.  The campaign and new line of products are all about men being comfortable in their own skin - literally and figuratively.  Research commissioned by Dove found that 80% of Canadian men said that they think they are stereotyped and falsely portrayed in advertising and Dove is looking to change that during the first Men+Care commercial which will launch during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

We went, we drank, we smelled the products, Christelle drank some more, we listened to a talk by Dr. Michael Kaufman, a Canadian gender expert, Christelle drank even more, we ate delicious tiny burgers, pizzas and pita wraps, Christelle threw back even more drinks like she had never seen alcohol before and might never again, we chatted with lots of other lovely bloggers, Christelle..well, never mind, and I even had a celebrity sighting - Stefan Brogren (Snake from Degrassi)!


Micromoisture technology has been developed for the new Dove Men+Care Body and Face Wash range.  Through this process, droplets of moisturizer are suspended in a clear, refreshing gel and activate on the skin when lathering.  These micromoisture droplets are precisely sized to efficiently deposit on the skin's surface, without feeling heavy or greasy.  The line consists of:

Body and Face Wash - $6.99
Clean Comfort - a mild formula with a subtle, clean crisp scent,
Deep Clean - with purifying grains and a classic scent
Extra Fresh - a cooling formula with an invigorating scent

Body and Face Bars - $4.99 (2 x 120g)-$6.99 (4 x 90g) come in Deep Clean and Extra Fresh

Active Clean Shower Tool - $6.99 - designed with two surfaces - a spongey side and a scrubby side with a rubber casing to prevent slipping.

I think it's interesting the way Dove has pared down men's skin care to the very basics - it will certainly make it much easier for men to buy stuff themselves...

What do you all think?  Is this something you would buy for the man in your life?

- Lisamarie -

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