February 17, 2010

Why isn't Rob Pattinson naked?

Rob Pattinson does absolutely nothing for me, but I know how millions of women, like Lisamarie, drool all over this guy. This is why I don't get this photo spread for Details magazine (March edition): Rob Pattinson is fully dressed while female models pose with him in various states of nakedness. Boohoo. At least it looks like Rob took a shower before the shoot and that's a good thing.


The rest of the (beautiful) pictures contain full nudity (not Rob, you pervs!), with real nipples and stuff and I would not want you to faint. If you want to see the rest, pick up the next Details edition!



  1. It always bugs me when women are scantily clad but men aren't >_<

    I dont like RPattz in Twilight, but I like him irl - for some reason I find his lack of personal hygiene and perpetually stoned demeanour to be charming.

  2. As long as you can't smell him, that's ok I suppose ;)



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