February 4, 2010

New and notable at Shoppers Drug Mart! Valentine's Day edition!

I had my usual pilgrimage to Shoppers on the weekend and  I saw lots of exciting new stuff - but I figured since we were so close to V-day I would tell you about all the pretty things with gift potential (for you and him) and save the rest for next week.

Vera Wang glam princess - 50ml - $75 - It's got the word "princess" in the title so that pretty much cinches it for me.  Not to mention the heart shaped bottle and adorable little crown.  But if you want to be all hung up on the smell too, fine.  It's a fruity floral and lucky for fruity me, I smell more of the fruit than the floral.  But who am I kidding, I would still get it for the bottle even if it smelt like motor oil!

Azzaro Twin for men and women - 30ml - $35 - I must admit, I find the bottles confusing...what are they supposed to be?  Computer mice?  Personal ah massagers?  I don't know!  The smell was surprisingly nice considering the women's one is described as a sensual floral.  The men's one was a little spicy and very manly, I would totally buy this for my husband!

Ed Hardy Hearts & Daggers for men and women - 100ml - $80 - I am so not a fan of the whole Ed Hardy thing but was pleasantly surprised by the women's scent.  Not surprising I guess considering it has blood orange, gala apple, mango and jasmine.  It has a nice fruity bite to it that I quite like.  The men's I was not such a fan of, but if you like something a little stronger for your man then you should give it a smell.  There is a Ed Hardy trucker hat free with purchase in four different styles - so if you want to rock a Snooki from Jersey Shore look, go get yourself one before they are all gone!  I also noticed gift sets for $67 with a 50ml fragrance, so if you don't have your heart set on the hat you could go that route.

DYNK Delicious candy apples - 50ml - $68 - Ripe Raspberry, Juicy Berry and Sweet Caramel - These ended up being a big disappointment for me.  From the names I was expecting all kinds of fruity (and caramelly) goodness but to me they just smelled really floral.  I didn't detect much raspberry, berry or carmel anywhere!  What a shame, I had been keeping my eye out for these for ages!  The packaging is adorable - but not Princess adorable so I'm going to pass!

I thought it would be wrong to leave the store without at least looking at the Valentine's Day chocolate (you know, in case one of you guys asked me about it, it was totally unselfish on my part!).  Life brand has a couple of offerings for V-Day that are worth checking out.

Life Brand Premium Belgian Chocolate Hearts - $10.99 - assorted flavours including dark chocolate with a coffee truffle centre, milk chocolate with a hazelnut praline centre and white chocolate with a creamy raspberry centre. Yum!

Life Brand Premium Hazelnut Milk Chocolates - $5.99 - Need I say more?!

Before you get skeptical about store brand chocolates - I received some for Christmas and was thinking pretty much the same thing - but was I wrong, they were delish - I wouldn't have know I wasn't eating name brand Belgian chocolate if I didn't have the box in front of me!  And of course you can't beat the price!  It means Christelle will be able to buy twice as much to eat during her lonely nights on the couch!

- Lisamarie -

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