February 12, 2010

Olay Regenerist micro-exfoliating wet cleansing cloths - quick and easy!

Here's the latest of my fab finds in cleansing cloths - Olay Regenerist micro-exfoliating web cleansing cloths - 30 cloths - $14.99 - There are two things I like right off the bat about these ones - the cloths are a nice large size, big enough to cover my whole face at once which makes the whole cleansing process much quicker and I like the dual texture, you get some gentle exfoliation action while you clean which also seems to help with removing makeup.

The cloths come in a soft plastic package with a peel up label top.  At first I was concerned that the label would lose its stick, it then wouldn't close properly, causing the cloths to dry up, but so far, that hasn't been a problem.  I don't detect much of a smell and they do a great job removing all of my makeup including my waterproof eyeliner.  I don't know if it would have enough power for Tammy Faye Baker, but it seems to work fine for normal people (not that I'm calling myself normal except in the area of the amount of mascara I wear).

The only issue I had was the top cloths would start to dry up a bit as I got towards the middle of the package.  This was easily solved by storing the package upside down so the liquid was always soaked in at the top of the package.  I rested it on a dish in case it leaked but it never did.

This is a great, affordable buy and Olay is really impressing me with both products I have tried from them so far.  (For my Olay Regenerist eye roller review, go here).  Stay tuned I will be trying more Olay products!

Any Olay products you want to recommend?  Let us know!

- Lisamarie -

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