June 13, 2012

Eye Love Wednesday - Ardell Double Up Lashes

Ardell Double Up Lashes Collection - $7.29 - in 3 full and flare designs - a new collection of lashes that combines two lashes in one for a dramatically darker lash and the ultimate glamour look. 

The bottom lash adds fullness while the top lash adds flare for a lash that is twice as dark as an ordinary lash. Can be reused several times with proper care and cleaning.

Most of the time with falsies I recommend that you cut them in half and just apply to the outer half of the lash but with these ones, I think it looks strange. They are so thick that it makes you look like the other half of your eye has no lashes at all - so if you are going to do a dramatic look like this, go whole hog and do the whole thing!

Available at Walmart, PharmaPlus, Rexall, Loblaws, Jean Coutu, Lawton's and London Drugs.

- Lisamarie-


  1. I bought two of these, but I have yet to wear them. I think I'll save them for performances or for editorial type looks. :)

  2. What a great post! I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us. I have bookmarked this site and will be sure to check for updates. Keep up the good work!

  3. Double Lashes, Double Volume, Double the attention! These lashes are fantastic


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