June 26, 2012

Marmalade the cat reviews Philips Satinelle Soft and declares all humans crazy!

Greetings minions - I am back once again to point out another folly you humans insist on partaking in - fur removal.

I can't even pretend to understand it, my human spends copious amounts of time petting my fur and telling me how beautiful it is and then an equal amount of time behind closed doors using sticky stuff to rip her fur off, smelly stuff to dissolve it and flashing lights to kill it. Not that it would ever look as nice as mine no matter how much she let it grow, but it still seems like a waste. Be that as it may, my human has been using something lately that doesn't make her yell "ouch", smell nasty or make weird beeping noises:
Philips Satinelle Soft Sensitive Total Body Epilator  - $69.99 - perfectly removes hair (as short as 0.5mm) with hypo-allergenic discs making it great for sensitive skin, lasts longer and leaves your skin irritation free and ready to go. With 2 speed settings that offer extra gentle or extra efficient epilation. As well, the Satinelle Soft is equipped with a double waved massage roller that minimizes the pulling sensation and an ice glove that soothes skin after epilation. Prep skin for epilation with the exfoliating glove and trim the bikini line with the comb attachment. The shaving head attachment perfectly follows the contours of the bikini line and underarms for a smooth, close shave on sensitive skin.
Noz evil machine, you willz not be having my fur!!!!

The rest of you furless wonder want-to-bes can pick it up at major retailers any time now - I will be sleeping with one eye open while it's around that's for sure!

- Marmalade -


  1. The last photo is the best - I'm glad Marmalade didn't personally try this one out!


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