June 5, 2012

Acne isn't just for teenagers! - grown up solutions from Biotherm, Alyria and LUSH!

Biotherm Purefect Skin - a new daily care line that boasts potent active ingredients, targeting the causes of imperfections along with complimentary purifying ingredients - with proven triple action effectiveness:
Anti-Shine: L. Digitata Extract enriched with Zinc and Perlite - to prevent excessive sebum levels and to help reduce excess water;
Anti-Pores: Salicylic Acid - to help with clearing obstructed pores;
Anti-Imperfections: L. Digitata Extract enriched with Zinc - to reduce P. Acnes Bacteria strain

Available in the line:

Anti-Shine Purifying Cleansing Gel - 125ml - $28 - a light gel texture that instantly transforms into a foam upon application.
Micro-Exfoliating Purifying Toner - 200ml - $28 - a fresh light liquid that gently removes the last traces of impurities.
Pure Skin Effect Hydrating Gel - 50ml - $45 - perfect for combination to oily skin with anti-imperfection and anti-shine properties to leave skin looking clean, pure, crystal clear and beautifully hydrated.
Anti-Shine Gentle Scrub Soap Bar - $25 - contains extracts of natural algae that exfoliates away the dirty layer where imperfections may start.
Anti-Imperfection Targeted Solution - 15ml - $25 - a transparent gel which targets imperfections during breakouts.

My favourite thing about it - unlike most acne systems which smell terrible, this collection is infused with a citrus fresh, floral scent!

You can find more info and even purchase online at - http://www.biotherm.ca/_en/_ca/purefectskin
Alyria Acne Clarifying Kit - $99 ($155 value) - contains an easy 3-step morning & night regimen: Clarifying Cleanser Oil Free - cleanses the skin, refines pores and leaves a soft, clean feeling; Acne Exfoliating Solution - a powerful combination of glycolic acid and salicylic acid, to slough off dead cells, unclog pores and provide an anti-inflammatory effect to soothe acne inflammation; Oil Free Hydrating Lotion - guaranteed to increase skin hydration, reinforce the barrier function and absorb excess oil. Unlike the usual heavy moisturizers that are an oily hazard for acne-prone skin, this lotion delivers a soft, comfortable and supple result. For your night routine, replace the Acne Exfoliating Solution with the Acne Retinol Complex - formulated with Retinol to effectively minimize the appearance of acne lesions and improve the appearance of skin imperfections, it also contains Alpha Bisabolol to soothe skin and reduce irritability and swelling caused by acne inflammation.

The kit targets acne in all ages and skin types, will last you up to 3 months and is distributed exclusively in doctor’s offices, where it is considered not only an effective solution to combat acne, but also as an excellent choice for patients who have recently completed a prescription-strength acne treatment and are in need of maintenance products. 

Check out http://www.alyria-med.com to find a doctor near you.
LUSH Grease Lightning - 45g - $12.95 - a powerful gel with a blend of herbs and essential oils that soothe skin while it clears. With a witch hazel, thyme, calming rosemary and antibacterial tea tree infusion that creates a highly effective antiseptic that helps spots disappear lightning fast. Lavender oil regulates oil production, a big culprit in causing spots, and aloe vera works to calm aggravated skin.

And if you hate the way acne medications usually smell, you will love how natural and botanical it smells!

- Lisamarie -

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  1. honestly, I've tried grease lightning by LUSH and it did absolutely nothing for my skin. if anyone wants a natural way to fight acne, try tea tree oil! you can buy it in vials at the body shop and it works much better than LUSH's spot treatment! I still love LUSH though :)


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