June 22, 2012

Test driving Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator! Final thoughts and contest winner!

So we're at the end of my Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator test drive - it's been a month already - I know, right?! A month isn't a long time to use the same skincare - for most people that is-  but I hope you all appreciate what a sacrifice this was, I have all these newer skincare products sitting on my counter looking at me accusingly everyday - "why don't you use us?" "don't you love us?" "why have you forsaken us"? - yes, skincare talks to me...

Anyhow commitment is hard but in this case it was worth it and can really be summed up in something that happened about 3 weeks into the trial period. I was at an afternoon event and someone I hadn't seen in awhile came up to me and said "wow, you look great - what kind of foundation are you wearing"? At that point it was 4 in the afternoon, any foundation that I had applied at 7 that morning was long gone in the heat and I was running on 5 hours sleep so anything good going on with my face was all due to my skin!

During the month I have noticed that my skin is soft, plump and smooth. Has every wrinkle on my face disappeared? It's skincare not magic! But I do think my skin looks better - and so do other people! As well, my skin has not broken out or done anything weird since I started using it which is a big bonus when starting a new regime for sure!

Luckily one of you needn't take my word for it - you can try it for yourself which brings us to the winner of the contest - Grace - please get in touch so we can send you your prize! The rest of you will have to check out the line at Holt Renfrew and selected The Bay and Murale stores.

- Lisamarie -

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