June 14, 2012

Marmalade the cat reviews John Masters Organics Shine On - and declares it almost as good as cat spit!

Greetings underlings - I am back again to share more of my (extensive) cat wisdom with you. My human often expresses envy over my soft and gloriously shiny fur. As I've tried to explain to her numerous times, the secret is cat spit and I've even tried to demonstrate by licking her furry head but she just gets upset - clearly she does not understand the wonders of cat spit at all.

She has taken to using a cat-spit free product which obviously can't be as good but it seems to make her happy:

John Masters Organics Shine On Leave-In Treatment - 113g - $37 - a silicone-free leave-in treatment that uses organic sea kelp in place of synthetic silicon to shine and soften the hair while six additional certified organic extracts: aloe vera leaf juice; carrot seed oil; olive oil; calendula extract; chamomile extract; and beech extract work to moisturize, strengthen, protect and smooth the hair, leaving it brilliantly shiny and soft.

Her fur does seem to be quite soft and shiny - only drawback, it does not smell like fish heads (my preferred scent - the eyeballs are yum!), but more like my fur does after I roll around in grass and leaves which I suppose is okay too. 

If any of you would like to come over and experience a tongue bath for the ultimate in fur softness you are welcome otherwise you can pick up some of this spit substitute at www.johnmasters.ca and www.ebeauty.ca (although it does seem to be sold out there at the moment).

There had better be some fish heads in my bowel tonight in exchange for all of this exhausting work - I'm off for my nap!

- Marmalade -


  1. Marmalade! This product sounds really awesome. Better than letting my cats lick my head. ;D

  2. good info! and Im glad they are not tested on animals!

  3. Hahaha I love Marmalade's reviews! the best! Looking forward to more from him :)


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