June 27, 2012

Eye Love Wednesday - new shades from fave Maybelline shadows!

I admit it, I'm a bit of a makeup snob - I'm at the point in my life that I can afford high end brands and that's usually where my love goes - with a few exceptions, Maybelline shadows being one of them - the fun, trendy colours, the pigmentation and the price are just a few things to love about them and nothing makes me squee quite like new shades!

Maybelline Luminous Lights Quads - $8.99 - in Rose Lights and Opal Lights - in two brilliant combinations to help you attain the on-trend anti-smokey eye look - infused with a high density of shimmering pearls for extra luminosity and a radiant finish.
Maybelline Eye Studio Duo Eyeshadows - $9.99 - in Persuasive Plum, Teal Takeover, Downtown Denim and Silver Spark - marbelized baked duos that provide eyes with dimensional colour, refined luminosity and a dynamic pearlescent effect for striking eye looks.
Maybelline Eye Studio Quad Eyeshadows - $11.99 - in Smokey Night, Gutsy Green and Coral Oasis - provide eyes with shockingly rich colour and smooth feel with a silk powder technology that uses a wet process formula that is gently pressed and allowed ample drying time, providing tree suppleness and comfort that is easy to blend yet featherlight with a formula that reflects light for a natural lustrous finish.

So what do you think - do you agree that some things can be just as good in a budget price-range or are you all about the high end brands?

- Lisamarie -


  1. I really really like the quads!

  2. Silver Spark looks amazing!!

  3. I think the price is all right as long as the colors actually show up. Gusty Green looks great for summer outfit, fits well with ocean scene. =)


  4. I LOVE Maybelline shadows as much as my high end brands, and more than some, I have almost all of the Eye Studio Quads cuz they just freaking rock.

  5. Ahh! All these colors are gorgeous!


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