June 25, 2012

Beat the heat with a spritz of Dermaglow, Avene, LUSH and Etival!

Have you ever noticed that when it's really hot out and you're walking by kids playing with a hose they can somehow sense that you want them to spray you with the hose and of course then they never do - the little monsters will only spray you when it's 30 below or you're wearing silk which means any water spraying that's going to happen in your life needs to come from you and who knows where your hose has been so why not try one of these instead - store it in the fridge and you will really be thanking me on hot days!

Dermaglow Energizing Beauty Mist - 100ml - $40 - a multi-mineral blend cooling complex with hyaluronic acid  that gives your skin an instant pick-me-up that is suitable for all complexion types. Offering the benefits of a toner and a serum, it increases hydration while removing excess oil and helps to tighten the appearance of pores. The exclusive blend of peppermint, basil and grapefruit essential oils wakes up your skin with a burst of freshness and smell amazing!

Not only is it great for instant freshness, I've also been using a spritz of it to set my makeup!

Avene Thermal Spring Water - 150ml - $16.50 - rich in silicate and trace elements that help cool, soothe, protect, purify, calm and soften the skin and is especially beneficial for hyper sensitive, allergic and irritated skin with a low salt mineral content that won't dry it out.
LUSH Breath Of Fresh Air - 100ml - $8.95, 250ml - $19.95 - with a blend of ingredients inspired by the sea including fresh seawater which gently cleanses, seaweed extract to soften and provide essential vitamins while minerals and rose absolute and aloe vera soothes dry areas. Suitable for all skin types, but is particularly beneficial for faces that have been ravaged by the elements. A gentle spray refreshes you when you need it most and brings all the nutrients of the sea directly to your skin.

Available in-store as well as online at www.lush.ca
Etival Ener-C Mist - 120ml - $25 - an ultra-hydrating spray that improves the texture, energizes the look and helps to minimize the appearance of pores. As well, it brightens dull skin and protects it from environmental stresses. uses MULTI-PRO, Vitamin C Ester and Ginseng Extract to stimulate cell turnover, improve cell function, facilitate the removal of toxins and increase oxygen availability to the skin.

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

- Lisamarie -

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