June 28, 2012

Solutions for all of your skin woes from Bioderma, Donell Skin, Alyria and Psoriasin!

Confession time - I'm addicted to Polysporin - I put it on everything: cuts, scrapes, pimples, cold sores, random rashes of unknown origin... I've always been convinced that there isn't anything it can't cure!

Lately though I've been realizing that there are products out there that actually exist to specifically take care of some of my issues that work even better - here are a few that I've tried or are keeping in mind should I ever need them:

Bioderma Cicabio Cream - 40ml - $20 - a soothing, fragrance and colourant free repair cream that offers repair care for damaged irritated, non-oozing skin that accompanies every stage of epidermal reconstruction: restores the epidermis, relieves the discomfort, reduces the urge to scratch, protects the damaged skin and prevents bacterial proliferation - can be used anywhere on the face and body and is great for minor wounds, cuts, tattoos, lesions following surgery, laser treatments, insect bites and skin irritation.

I've been liking this better than my beloved Polysporin because of the texture - it's thick so it actually stays where you put it which I'm sure makes it much easier for it to work it's magic!

Available at drugstores.
Donell Super Skin K-Derm Cream - 5 oz - $60.50 - a potent cream that utilizes topical vitamin K to help diminish the look of bruises, purpura, spider veins, and small broken capillaries and is specially formulated to infuse deeply for maximum results. Enhances the body's healing processes so it's great to use before and after surgical procedures to minimize post-op bruising.

Available at eBeauty.ca
Alyria Anti-Redness Complex - 50g - $70 - especially great for rosacea, it soothes irritation with a blend of 2% Oleanoline IS and 1% Alpha Bisabolol - soothes and hydrates the skin, preventing irritation and provides an anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation effect to soothe inflammation associated with redness-prone skin.
Targets redness with a Blend of 2% REGU-CEA and 3% BIOPHYTEX and strengthens blood vessels to reduce permeability, decreasing the appearance of red blotches as well as reduces the appearance of small dilated blood vessels, restoring a more uniform complexion.
Conceals redness with a green pigment that provides an immediate concealing effect to mask facial redness.

Available through doctor's offices - find one near you at:
Psoriasin Ointment - 113g - $16.99 -  gives multi-symptom relief in a deep moisturizing, leave-on topical treatment and works quickly to help eliminate itching, flaking, redness, scaling and discomforts often associated with psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. 

Available at select drugstores.

- Lisamarie -

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