June 21, 2012

Lancôme Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal - for luminous skin that appears lit from within!

If you're jonesing for brighter, clearer skin, you'll want to check out the newest addition to the Blanc Expert line:

Lancôme Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal - Crystal Brightness Activating Essence - 30ml - $130 - with Dermactyl Complex - a complex that favours the creation of new collagen fibers as well as help to regulate the production of melanin for pigmentation and unevenness to be controlled at their very source. Dark spots and dullness are targeted in order to reveal clearer, brighter skin.

Also available in the Blanc Expert line for your brightening pleasure: Ultimate Brightening Purifying Foam - 125ml - $54; Ultimate Brightening Replumping Beauty Lotion - 200ml - $65; Dark Spot Reducer and Radiance Activator - 30ml - $75; Ultimate Brightening Anti-Spot Anti-Dark Circles Eye Serum - 15ml - $85; Ultimate Brightening Hydrating Emulsion - 100ml - $88; Ultimate Brightening Hydrating Cream - 50ml - $87; Ultimate Brightening Replumping Night Cream - 50ml - $95

Available now on all Lancôme counters and online at www.lancome.ca

- Lisamarie -


  1. WOW that intere line will cots u allot. That the product does what it claims is another story

  2. I love it! This line is totally awesome :-)

  3. lol isn't Emma like 20 or something? not the best person to advertise mature skin products

    1. I tend to think of young models advertising products like these as having the skin you are aspiring to rather then that they actually use the products themselves! ;-)

      Best, Lisamarie

  4. Its the best product! I been trying for a month already and I also match it with visionnaire and genifique! Awesome result :)


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