June 27, 2012

This week I'm obsessed with... Givenchy Mister Perfect!

If you are a slob like me there are certain things in life you can't imagine living without - up to now it was my Tide To Go Stick which really is the greatest invention ever! Great news, I have now found an equivalent product for my face:

Givenchy Mister Perfect - $33 - corrects the slightest makeup slip-up with the greatest of precision to make you look flawless. Comes with four interchangeable cores that fit into clear compartment on the end of the pen - it's recommended that you use each core for a specific function: one for retouching the eyes; one for the lips etc. The remover itself contains a soothing fig extract that moisturizes, comforts and refreshes while it's touching up and is even effective on waterproof makeup.

I am forever smearing my mascara by blinking too soon after applying so this tool has been a godsend - I no longer have to walk around looking like a slightly (fine, who are we kidding) - incredibly deranged bag-lady!

Of course Mister Perfect is just the newest clever member of the "Mister" line - also available is:

Mister Light - $37 - for reviving the complexion and brightening the eyes with a touch of light wherever needed.

Mister Eyebrow - $26 - a transparent fixing pencil for keeping the eyebrows in line with all day hold.

Mister Bright - $37 - a pearlescent touch brush that lights up the skin with an iridescent veil.

Mister Mat - $36 - offers an all day, perfect matte finish for your complexion.

Mister Lash Booster - $33 - a booster serum that combines a fortifying care formula with a massaging applicator for denser, more resilient and more numerous lashes.

Available exclusively at Sephora.

- Lisamarie -

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