May 9, 2011

Dove Spa Hillcrest - for a good old-fashioned facial with a modern edge!

Discovering a great new spa doesn't happen very often for me but when it does, it's magic - I was lucky enough to have a magical experience last week at the Dove Spa Hillcrest!

 I knew that there was a Dove Spa in Oakville, and it was on my list of places to try sometime - but I didn't realize that Dove had opened another one so close to me, and once I knew that, I had no reason to procrastinate any longer!

I'm a bit of a facial connoisseur so that's what I usually have when I try new places and I'll tell you what my complaint about facials is, and this goes for new and places I regularly frequent, they never seem to take a good look at your skin first to see what's going on with it or ask questions about your routine, lifestyle and what products you are using.  To me these seem like logical things to want to know in order to better serve your client's skin.
So this is how Dove impressed me right away, not only did they want to know all about my skin, they ran a whole bunch of diagnostic tests to see exactly what they were starting with! My esthetician was Sharifah and before the facial even began she asked me lifestyle questions and ran tests to gauge sebum, moisture, elasticity, melanin content and sensitivity.  I can't stress how awesome I think this is and I don't know why every spa doesn't do it! They also keep the results on file and will redo the tests as the seasons and your skin changes!
The second thing I loved was the bed you lay on, your typical spa type bed but with a heating pad so it was super warm! The facial itself was very relaxing and was the most gentle one I have ever had, even the extractions were hardly painful - if you are looking for a facialist with a gentle touch, you should go see Sharifah!   Lastly I loved that with every 60 or 75 minute facial, you get a free treat - which include little extras for your hands, feet, eyebrows, etc. I chose a hand treatment - which involved a super moisturizing cream being applied to my hands with plastic and mitts over it so it could really soak in during my facial!

I left with glowing skin and of course spa hair - if you aren't familiar with spa hair it's when your hair sticks up all over the place from being stuffed in a headband and exposure to all the stuff they use on your face.  You don't have to leave with spa hair - the change room also has a shower with everything you could possibly need to un-spa hair yourself if you are so inclined! Other great features at the spa are a super relaxing lounge area that you can hang out in pre and post treatment as well as a pedicure area with a multitude of chairs in a row which would be great for having a pedicure party with a bunch of girlfriends!

If you aren't a spa kind of person, you might still like to visit for the products - along with the Dove Spa Professional line with products for every skin type and which have adorable names like Peace and Quiet - $45 - soothing night cream for delicate skin, Foot For Thought - $40 - nourishing mask for dry skin and Count Your Blessings - $50 - illuminating day cream for dry skin. They also carry products from Stila, Rocky Mountain Soap Company, B. Kamins, St. Tropez, OPI and Spa Ritual!

Speaking as someone who loves to spa and visits a lot of them, this one ranks right up there with the best!  Don't take my word for it though, visit yourself!  They were kind enough to provide me with cards for our readers for a free 30-minute facial and skin diagnostic - if you want to upgrade to a 1 hour facial you can also do that and it will only cost $22.60 more - that's a deal that can't be beat! So if you'd like a card, just let me know by e-mail and include your name and address do I can put one in the mail to you!

Facials run $70 - 45 minutes, $90 - 60 minutes and $110 - 75 minutes.

The Dove Spa Hillcrest is located at Hillcrest Mall - 9350 Yonge Street in Richmond Hill - 905-770-7772

- Lisamarie -

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  1. I'm from the uk and i love dove spa,infact i am going tomorrow! xxx


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