May 19, 2011

Lise Watier Duo Shadow & Glitter - Golden Wasabi and Blue Ray swatches!

The Lise Watier Summer 2011 Bora Bora collection includes a very fun, regular product to the line - Duo Shadow & Glitter.  I love things that sparkle so I knew I was going to love these! Of course anyone who has ever applied glitter knows that the hardest part it actually getting it on the area you are trying to get it on without dropping it all over your face which makes the new glitter eyeshadow brush Lise Watier also introduced brilliant!  It's actually not a brush at all but silicon, so the glitter sticks to it making it easy to deposit it wherever you actually want it!

I apologize in advance, the glitter is not the easiest thing to photograph and do full justice to just how sparkly it really is!
Golden Wasabi - cream shadow - what I liked about the creams is that they weren't super creasy the way cream shadows often are - I wasn't even wearing a base underneath although I would recommend doing so for normal wear of course!
Golden Wasabi - cream shadow with the glitter on top - if there is such a thing as a subtle glitter look, this would be it! It does really have more sparkle then the camera is picking up but it's not blindingly so.
Blue Ray - cream shadow - I loves me some blue eyeshadow and this particular blue is a new favourite of mine!
Blue Ray - cream shadow with the glitter on top - this colour has more glitter pow and I want you to particularly note how there is no glitter fall out under my eye and I promise you that I did not clean up underneath before this photo - the brush did an excellent job of only depositing the glitter exactly where I wanted it!

What do you think of glittery eyes, yea or nea?  Is this more of a night time thing for you or would you rock this at school/work?

- Lisamarie -


  1. Really nice shades! I love the golden green the most, I'm a sucker for greens!

  2. I love these (all of them) and my SDM cosmetics lady tried to talk me into buying one last time I went in looking for retail therapy and asked her to help me pick "something fun to make me feel better", but I don't have enough occasion to wear something *that* glittery. I passed but I stop and ooooh and ahhhh every time I walk past them!

  3. Loving the first look a lot!!! :D

  4. I love the glitters =D golden wasabi is so pretty~~~~

  5. No, TOO glittery. I see creasing, too!


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