May 11, 2011

Goody has a summer collection that has me wishing for more hair!

Goody has done something interesting with foam rollers to help you achieve an natural looking and easy beach waves for summer - check out these babies! Apparently they are so comfortable that you can sleep in them overnight and awake to a perfectly wavy mane.

I can't speak from experience since I don't have enough hair to roll so I got Goody to give me all the deets:
1. Start with damp hair. Make a deep side part, sectioning hair into 2" sections.
2. Open both side clips and wrap the end of yor hair over the roller, continuing to roll under toward your scalp. * Don't forget to tuck the ends as you roll.
3. Snap both clips to secure the roller. * Press on the Goody logo in the middle of each clip until you hear the snap.
4. Fold back the clips and unroll slowly from your hair. * To set the style, allow hair to dry completely or sleep in rollers overnight.
5. Finally, run fingers through hair to loosen your summer waves.
And some tips from celebrity stylist Brennen Demelo:
1. To achieve a more natural beach wave, insert the rollers mid-hair shaft as opposed to the roots of your hair.
2. Remove all plastic before positioning your hair around the rollers and re-insert and clamp the plastick once you've placed your hair in the right position.
3. Didn't have a chance to insert the rollers before bed? Dampen the foam roller in the morning and insert to dry hair to achieve the same effect!

Goody Summer Waves Rollers - $11.99 for 15 rollers
Another popular summer look is the topknot and Goody has made it even easier to achieve with their new Bun Spiral! They come in a dark or light metallic finish to blend in with almost any hair colour.  Sadly, I don't have enough hair for this look either but it's as easy as twisting long or short hair at the crown and securing it with the Bun Spiral for a hold that will last from dawn to dusk. Brennen Demelo also recommends pulling hair into a high ponytail and backcombing hair before securing into a top know for a more dramatic look. 
If a chignon is more your thing, also easy peasy:
1. Gather your hair into a low ponytail.
2. Twist your hair into a bun and tuck in the ends.
3. Place bun spiral onto your bun, purple tips toward head. Gently twist clockwise into hair until secure.

Goody Bun Spiral - $6.99
Kate Middleton did it, so it must be cool - the half-updo - made super easy with the new Spin Pin Mini!
1. Gather the top half of your hair into a ponytail.
2. Twist your hair into a bun.
3. Spin one pin down from the top. Secure style with additional pins as needed.
Brennen Demelo also recommends playing off the 70s inspiration that we're seeing on the runways by twisting 2 inch strands of hair and pulling to the back and securing with a Good Spin Pin Mini.  He also suggests that if you have fine hair to anchor the twist in the back with an additional one.
Goody Spin Pin Mini - $6.99
If you are looking to jazz up any of these looks try something pretty or shiny! I love the new Island Sun collection - $3.99-$5.99 - which includes clips, barrettes and headbands with floral detailing and bold tropical colours! I just love these flower clips, they feel so summery!

Available at leading food, drug and mass-market retailers - except for Island Sun which is only available at Wal Mart!

- Lisamarie -


  1. Waaaaant! Where can I get my hands on these babies???

    Have a great one! x

  2. Oh I have varies sponge rollers! I love them! I bought them at night markets.
    Also, I have one bun spiral too. But, I'm not really good at using it.
    Great post!

  3. The rollers look pretty cool! My hair is so fine and doesn't hold curls etc. very well, wonder how I can change this...

  4. I have both the bun spiral and spin pins and love them! However, I don't think I have enough hair so the spiral is still visible. The spin pins work great. I usually use them when I go to dance classes, however there are some strands falling out by the end of class, but still, they're much more convenient then jamming 20 bobby pins into a bun! :)



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