May 18, 2011

This Week I'm Obsessed With... Tända Zap - how could I not be, it vibrates!

Welcome to a new regular weekly post which is in response to everyone I bump into on a daily basis who knowing I am a beauty blogger, always want to know what I am loving right now.  Rather then go into a lengthy dissertation on the newest lipstick, shoes, beauty gadget or whatever else I might have my eye on at any given time I'm just going to start telling people to read Wednesday's 10am post!

Tända Zap Advanced Acne Clearing Device - $49 - 24 hours to clearer looking skin is what this latest blemish buster promises! With a powerful blue light to destroy acne-causing bacteria and gentle vibration and warming to help open pores. The big benefit to using this as opposed to creams and potions is there is none of the dryness or irritation that can go along with them

It's easy to use, just lightly place over blemish, turn on and leave on the blemish until vibration stops (2 minutes). Repeat 2 to 3 times daily.

I am a long time owner of the full sized Tända system - so I was already a fan of blue light blemish busting before I even tried this one but they sucked me in with the promise of vibration, I love things that vibrate - mascara, the pedicure chair at my salon, the washer's spin cycle etc... so how could I resist?

Does the vibrating actually make any difference in how effective it is? I'm going to have to go with - I have no idea! - but the blue light, the heat and possibly the vibrations do an excellent job of making pimples disappear.  I find it to be the most effective when I use it at the red, bumpy stage, before the pimple actually turns ugly.  When I use the Tända at the beginning stage, they seem to shrink and then just fade away.  When they get to the ugly stage, the Tända seems to help them dry up faster.  Either way, there is a much shorter pimple life-span going on when I use it as opposed to using just cream or doing nothing.

It's good for all skin types and tones and the unit is good for 1000 uses.

Available from Shoppers Drug Mart (if you ask nicely they probably have a demo unit that they will let you play with first) and The Shopping Channel -

- Lisamarie -

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  1. Nice! I've been wanting to try this for a while. Your title caught my attention, haha :P


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