May 7, 2011

Let the sun shine! - Green Beaver, Biotherm, Avon Anew and Kibio

Finally a sunny day!  Which gets me thinking about going outside, which then gets me thinking about sunscreen.  A perusal of last year's crop of lotions informs me that everything I had has expired (very important to check after a nasty sun stroke incident a couple years back from using sunscreen that was dead) - so what better excuse is there for a post about old favourites and new loves!

Green Beaver Certified Organic SPF 30 Sunscreen - 90ml - $19.99 - a certified organic, 100% natural sunscreen that uses mineral zinc oxide - which sits on top of the skin creating a natural physical barrier blocking both UVA and UVB rays for broad spectrum protection, instead of chemicals. It's also free of petrolatum, synthetic fragrances, dyes, phtalates or any other chemical ingredients.
If you like organic, you can't beat Green Beaver!  But what I really find astounding about this sunscreen is that it really has almost no smell at all - those sensitive to scents will want to jump on this one! It absorbs easily, feels comfortable and I'm going to say it again, smells like nothing!

Also available: Certified Organic Kids SPF 30 Sunscreen - 90ml - $19.99 and Certified Organic SPF 15 Lip Balm - $6.99

Check out for more info about the line and for retail locations.

Biotherm Sun Ultra-Fluid Body Milk Sun Protection SPF 30 - 200ml - $35 - offers optimum sun protection thanks to an "intelligent sunscreen system combined with Pure Thermal Plankton.  For all skin types, it offers anti-dryness protection with a formula that contains hydrating agents that work for 8 full hours. The sensorial, moisturizing texture is easy to apply and the delicate fragrance combines the scent of fresh, cool water with light citrus notes. Non-sticky and non-greasy, it melts softly onto the skin.

This is a long time favourite of mine. It smells amazing, absorbs so easily and never feels dry!

Also available: Eye Contour Multi-Protection Sun Care SPF 30 - 15ml - $30, Ultra-Fluid Body Milk Sun Protection SPF 15 - 200ml - $35, Anti-Wrinkles Sun Cream Multi-Protection SPF 15 or 30 - $35
Avon Anew Sun Sunscreen Body Lotion SPF 30 - 150g - $39 - broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Lightweight, quick-absorbing and water-resistant it helps skin to look and feel dramatically tighter and toned and help reduce visible signs of aging on the body.

Body lotion and sunscreen is a brilliant idea and I can see this being a weekend staple! The only thing I'm not crazy about is the smell, I like my body lotions to be a little bit more fragrant and I'm not sure if I add some essential oils if that will somehow screw up the sun protection ingredients.  It's not a bad smell so I can deal with it for the convenience factor!

Also available: Anew Sun Sunscreen Face Lotion SPF 45 - 75g - $39

Available from your Avon sales rep 1-800-265-AVON or online at
Kibio Medium Protection Body Lotion SPF 20 - 100ml - $28 - water resistant, allergy-tested formulas with mineral sunscreens that are non-oily with a delicate island fragrance. Contains: Tamanu Oil which protects cellular DNA when exposed to UVB rays and free radicals as well as helps prevent premature signs of aging, wrinkles and brown spots; Coconut Oil to soothe dry and irritated skin; and Vanilla Essential Oil to stimulate and lightly perfume the skin.

I really like the Kibio line, so I hope they come out with a higher SPF - I passed on buying it because I'm too fair to wear less than a 30 SPF, but I love the way it smells and feels so if you don't require as much protection, check this one out!

Also available: High Protection Face Lotion SPF 30 - 40ml - $16 and Medium Protection Face Lotion SPF 20 -  40ml - $16

Available at selected Shoppers Drug Mart locations.

- Lisamarie -

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